Anonymous asked:

Whats something embarrassing that has happened to you recently?

I have left this anon for a week. So apologies on belated response!

About a month ago I was kissing and I could feel a sneeze coming on. So I pulled back really quickly and sneezed but had to make it all inward so I wouldn’t…you know sneeze like a god damn banshee all over the poor man. I am a strict hand to mouth sneezer because hygiene BUT THERE WAS NO TIME. And it made this little squeaky noise. I sounded like a chipmunk and my insides were dying because I had to internalise it and I felt a little dizzy and had to sit down. He thought it was cute, but I was embarrassed.

And an old woman saw the whole thing and asked if I was okay. I WAS DEFEATED BY A SNEEZE, ANON. A SNEEZE.

Anonymous asked:

How do you feel now George Clooney is getting married?

I honestly think it’s great!

Then again, anything that has to do with love and the romanticism that comes with gestures of love, I’m pretty into. But in this pairing I kind of feel like George has the best deal. Amal is a gem! She speaks three languages, has degrees from NYU and Oxford. She’s advised Julian Assange, former U.N. secretary-general Kofi Annan, amongst countless others. And that’s just how she reads on paper. It doesn’t even scratch the surface of who she really is. In person she’s gorgeous, funny, intelligent, and a whole bunch of great qualities only those close to her would be privy to. Dude is one lucky B. Everyone I know that has met her says she’s beyond great.

It’s funny, I get a lot of anons asking about Clooney. Which…I guess it kind of fucking weird, so I’ll clear a few things up. Do I go on about him that much? Yeah, probably. I joke a lot about Clooney being my ultimate celeb crush, and he is, but that doesn’t mean I could see myself actually being with him. There’s more a level of admiration there than any kind of sexual connection. I respect him for a number of reasons, and he kind of represents a few qualities of the type of man that I am attracted to. Old school gentlemen in suits. Every time. He’s an easy celeb crush target. Another thing is that it’s always super awkward to be in an industry where you sometimes meet people you’ve had little crushes on. So Clooney is so far removed from those circles that it’s a safe bet. Because meeting someone you have a crush on is horrifying. HORRIFYING. My cheeks still glow at the thought. 

Would I throw Cloons balloons out of my bed? No. But would I want to marry the guy? No. He’s a darling, and he’s a real person. It’s none of my business what he does, and it would be shitty for any fan to be upset about how he lives his personal life. I think the general public commenting on another person’s romantic life is pretty fuckin’ weird, but it’s the kind of thing that’s become a standard in society. But anyone that is against someone else’s happiness is a straight up dick. So, I’m happy that he’s happy. He’ll always be my Cloons!